8 destinations in 7 countries over 6 trips. In 2015 I truly caught the travel bug. The previous two years I got to know the idea of travelling solo and found out how easy it was just to book a flight & hotel and go exploring. Only having to work to fund it all stopped me doing more! January: BERLIN, Germany One of those major capitals I had yet to see. I wasn’t expecting a lot on a cold January week but this was just to get to know the place. Of course there’s all the history which certainly makes you think as you walk around. But it’s that history that means Berlin has this strange mix of old and new that lacks the historical centres I’m drawn to in other European cities. Cold in more than one sense. Potentially much nicer in the summer months though. Alexanderplatz, Berlin May: VIENNA, Austria Eurovision! A show that rolls my interests in music, media and travel in one. For the first time I visited on the week of the finals, so the city was welcoming visitors from all over with stalls, performances and live screenings. Austria I know well and is a […] Read More